Student life

Student life

The Faculty of Natural Sciences not only provides students with in-depth knowledge in their chosen field but also pays special attention to educational work. The formation of a patriotic spirit, an active life platform, and optimism among each student are carried out based on plans and programs adopted at the faculty level.

Active educational work is closely related to the student senate. It is an environment of student self-government that has clear goals and objectives, influences the management system of the faculty, can determine its values, contributes to achieving results, and promotes the strategic development of the management system.

The main goal of the Student Senate is to protect the interests of students, increase their activity, and establish contacts between the faculty administration and students.

Today, the work of the student senate is widely supported by the faculty administration. There are many opportunities to become a member of the Student Senate by choosing one of the clubs and sectors, and become a well-developed individual to renew and enliven student life.

The Student Senate includes: a student senator, deputy senator, department coordinators, academic group leaders, club and sector leaders, and activists. Every year, the Student Senate appoints new students to these positions. They need to pass an oral interview and selection process.

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