Academic mobility

Academic mobility

In academic mobility programs, students and teaching staff gain access to quality educational and research programs and return with a new luggage of knowledge. The promotion and encouragement of academic mobility contributes to the formation of qualitatively new labor resources that can take a worthy place, both on the world labor market, and significantly affect the quality of the labor resources of the national economy. The organization and implementation of international academic activities at the Faculty of “Natural Science” is aimed at improving the quality of educational training for teaching staff and students and contributing to the positive image and rating of the university in Kazakhstan and abroad.

At the Faculty of “Natural Sciences” on academic mobility, international activity as a factor in improving the quality and effectiveness of training, work is carried out on the following items:

  • Realization of planned activity on international cooperation (compliance with the strategic plan, educational-methodical, academic mobility, the plan for multilingual development);
  • Responsibility of international activities with relevant legal documents (laws, regulations, methodical letters);
  • Cooperation with foreign partner universities in the field of education (joint educational programs in the framework of contracts)
  • Coordination of the contents of curricula (curricula) in specialties with foreign partner universities.

Faculty of “Natural Sciences” of the ARGU named after K. Zhubanov currently actively cooperates on the basis of concluded agreements with 14 foreign partner universities. The work is carried out mainly in several areas:

  • the invitation of scientists to read courses in the framework of academic mobility; exchange of students in the framework of academic mobility;
  • participation in international conferences and seminars; internships, upgrading of qualifications of teaching staff, etc.

Attraction of foreign teachers in the educational process is one of the directions of academic mobility and an undoubted factor contributing to the improvement of the quality of the educational process. In this direction, active work is carried out with the following partner universities.

The main universities – partners of the faculty are:

  • West Kazakhstan State University named after M.Utemisov,
  • Atyrau State.University named after K.Dosleukhamedova.
  • SKSU named after M.Auezov.
  • Pavlodar State University named after S.Toraigyrov.
  • KNTU named after.K.I.Satpayev.
  • Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I Altynsrina
  • KNPU.named after Abay.
  • Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute
  • Semipalatinsk State Pedagogical Institute
  • 10.KSWPU
  • 11.TSPU

With the above-mentioned universities, the Faculty of Natural Sciences actively cooperates on the basis of agreements concluded in several areas:

  • participation in international conferences and seminars of teachers and students;
  • the exchange of students by faculty and students on the lines of academic mobility.

Increasing the professional qualification of the teaching staff in the international sphere under the Bolashak and Orleu program, and also not excluding international grant programs and various international seminars, the following teachers underwent scientific internships:

  •  In the framework of academic mobility under the “Bolashak” program, Master of Biology of Keubasov Gaukhar Orakyuzy passed scientific language training. «Monteux School of Business» to Switzerland with the purpose of improving the qualifications for the course “Pedagogical diagnostics, quality assessment and knowledge control” in May-July.2014.
  • Candidate of Political Science Imangaliyeva Bazarkhan Sarynayzyzy under the educational program “Arrow” in order to improve the international qualifications has undergone a scientific internship in Portugal (Lissobon High Technology Institute) in October-November. 2013.

Japparova Bazargul Kenzhebaevna master of ecology had professional development institute under the program scientific training in the Netherlands. September-November 2014.

Almagul Agisheva on the educational program “Orleu” to improve international qualifications was a scientific internship in Portugal Porto (Institute of High Technology).

In order to increase the international image of the university (informatization of international cooperation in the media, site, participation in international rankings), the scientific work of the faculty of natural science is published in collections of materials of international conferences, electronic versions of which are posted on relevant sites and are freely available.

In the first half of the 2017-2018 academic year, in accordance with the International Program for External Academic Mobility:

  • Kenzhetaeva Aygerim, 3rd year student of Chemistry was trained based on the language training program at the Xinjiang Financial and Economic University (China) and 3rd year student Doszhanov Zhangeldi was trained at the Lithuanian University of Vytautas Magnus (city of Lithuania);
  • On the specialty Ecology 3-year student Ismagulov Lunara was trained based on the language training program in the summer camp of Urumqi, Shanghai Hanzhou (China), 3-year student Zhumabayeva Yundiz in Xinjiang financial and economic university (China) and 3rd year student Kalmagambetova  Laula  were trained in Lithuanian University Vytautas Magnus (Lithuania);
  • At the faculty for academic mobility, international activities as a factor in improving the quality and effectiveness of training, work was carried out on the implementation of multilingual teaching among the teaching staff. The participation in language courses for advanced training was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for teachers.

A number of teachers Esturina K.B, Ataeva G.M., Turalin B. A.Temirkulova RS, Moldekova I.Zh., Zhapparova B.K. having completed a certain training course, received certificates confirming the level of proficiency in a foreign language at the Kazakh State University named after Al-Farabi (Almaty)


The Faculty of Natural Sciences held an event called


dedicated to universities of the Republic of Turkey



A center of the Kazakh language and a center of culture “QAZAQ ELI” were opened at the University of Kastamonu,in the Turkish city of Kastamonu  Rector of the K.Zhubanov ARSU University B.A. Erdembekov visited this center and signed a bilateral agreement with the rector Seyit Aydin University of Kastamonu.

Rector of the University of ARSU named after K.Zhubanov B.A. Erdembekov and G.T. Shokym was visited by students of the academic mobility program from Kazakhstan at Sakaria University

Graduate students of the specialty 6M060700- “Biology” Myrzalieva Aknur and  Maimakova  Asyl  studied at the Sakaria University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Biology



Graduate students of the specialty 6M011300- “Biology” Shalkar Gulzhanat and Tashigul Nurzhan were awarded certificates and diplomas for participating in the conferences “KU Biogen” dedicated to the day of biologists which was held at the University of Kastamonu, Ph.D. Yasemin Chelik Altynogly

Graduate students of the specialty 6M011300- “Biology” Shalkar Gulzhanat and Tashigul Nurzhan in a meeting with supervisors

Our undergraduates were awarded with diplomas and certificates for their active participation in the International Congress for Young Scientists under the title “International Innovation and Global Problems” in Ankara with the report “Environmental Problems of Baikonur in Outer Space”

2-year student of the specialty 5В011300-Biology Zholdasbaeva Tlectes in Turkey under the program of academic mobility of Sakaria University (2019-1 term)

3-year student of the specialty 5В011300-Biology Camilla Kolkanova in South Korea under the language training program academic mobility at Tongmen University (2019-1term)

Bashkir State University of Ufa is considered one of the largest scientific centers; it consists of 4 scientific departments, 4 laboratory departments, a molecular and medical centers, an environmental and zoological museum and a vivarium

According to the internal academic mobility of the Republic of Kazakhstan, students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences exchange experience with the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay. 2nd year students are members of the eco club Mukhitova Aydinar, Uayyt Bekdana and Duisenova Kamshat were named the most active members of this club and were awarded with diplomas and certificates (2018-2019)”



On April 15, 2020, the next reporting event was held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in the framework of international academic mobility for the 2019-2020 academic year on the ZOOM platform on-line. THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY – GREEN VALLEY OF KNOWLEDGE (SAKARIA, HADJETEPPE, SAKARIA – “MEVLANA”.

This academic year, due to the spread of the COVID-19 in connection with the prevailing circumstances, currently students studying at distance learning abroad students are effectively using information systems online for self-isolation:Zh Tolepova, Sh Kiyanova, Zh Zhumagalieva, A Yerkinbayeva. A Bertagina, Zh Gubaidulina. This is the only correct preventative measure from COVID-19. As a result of the report, students came to the conclusion that with joint efforts we will be able to prevent the spread of the disease and effectively use online information systems to combat the pandemic.

The main guest of the event, Mr Omir Farukh, a specialist in the Turkish language, expressed his gratitude to the students for their active participation and good knowledge in the fields of the green valley.

A student receiving a scholarship under the Mevlana program Uakyt Bekdana and other students: Duysenbaeva Kundyz, Mukhitova Aidinar, Sabitova Galiya, Chygyrbaeva Ainur made a report at the opening of the event.

Uakyt Bekdana and students of Duisenbaeva Kundyz, Mukhitova Aidinar, Sabitova Galiya, Chygyrbaeva Ainur in the classes of microbiology and virology.

Students from Hadzhettepe and Sakaria Tolepova Zh, Kiyanova Sh, Zhumagalieva Zh, Erkinbaeva A., Bertagina A, Gubaidollina Zh.

currently are studying on distance learning abroad effectively use information systems online on self-isolation.

A student studying at the Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania, Ainagulov Rasimа, together with the rector.

Students studying at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania, Asel Zhaksylykova, Aliya Amirbekova also, made their reports.

The moderator of the event is the coordinator of the faculty of natural sciences for academic mobility senior teacher Zhumabaeva A.Zh.