6В05202 – Ecotechnology and sustainable development

Code – name of the specialty:

6В05202 – Ecotechnology and sustainable development

Training period:

Full-time: 4 years

Awarded degree:

Bachelor of Science in Educational Program 6В05202 – Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development

Field of professional activity:

In regional environmental organizations, industrial and environmental enterprises, landfills, waste recycling plants, energy facilities, research centers and institutes as an environmental engineer, environmental technologist, environmental manager.

Objects of professional activity:

territorial environmental protection departments, national parks, reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves, industrial enterprises, agricultural complexes, landfills, educational organizations, research institutes and centers

Professional Activities:

Natural and Urban Ecosystems and their components; biosphere and its components; environmental monitoring and marketing; analysis, inspection and control of the environment; compilation of prognostic models; management functions in the field of environmental protection; compliance with environmental requirements in technological processes and in the design of new enterprises, settlements, planning and implementation of environmental measures in various sectors of the economy, conducting an environmental impact assessment and environmental audit; environmental education and upbringing.

Types of professional activity:

  • research;
  • organizational and management;
  • environmental;
  • production and technological;
  • experimental research;
  • design.

Base practice:

Gidroekoresores – L LLP, Batysekoproekt Research Institute LLP, Aktobe Oblast Department of Ecology, RSU, Asu ECO LLP.

Modular educational program