6V01507 – Chemistry-Biology

Cipher-the name of the specialty:


Accreditation (last year, expired):

Form, terms of training:

Day: 4 years


Bachelor of education in the educational program ” 6B01507-Chemistry-Biology”

Sphere of professional activity:

  • high school chemistry and biology teacher
  • teacher of chemistry and biology in secondary vocational schools
  • teacher of chemistry and biology, methodologist in institutions and departments of education

Forms of professional activity:

  • organization of education, including multilingual education: schools, lyceums, gymnasiums and colleges;
  • educational institutions of technical and vocational education;
  • organizations, institutions and services of production and non-production sphere in the organizational and legal form, specializing in the field of chemistry and biology

Subject of professional activity:

Functions of educational activity:

  • study, generalization and dissemination of innovative teaching methods;
  • education in the education system.

Types of educational activities:

  • educations;
  • socio-pedagogical;
  • organizational and educational;
  • cultural and educational.

Types of educational activities:

  • industrial-technological;
  •  organization-management;
  • research;
  • design;

Practice bases:

LLP “Aktobeneftepererabotka”, JSC ” AZ, school-Lyceum number 40

Modular educational program