6B05302 – Chemical

Code-name of the specialty:

“6B05302 – Chemical»

Accreditation (last year, last year):

Form of training:

Day: 4 years

Degree Of Reward:

Bachelor of science in the educational program ” 6B05302-Chemistry»

 Professional activity:

  • analytical, environmental, customs, sanitary and epidemiological,
  • production laboratories of certification services;

Objects of professional activity:

  • research institutions (institutes, laboratories) of chemical, environmental, metallurgical, pharmaceutical profile, colleges, lyceums

Subject of professional activity:

  • assessment of properties and composition of intermediate raw materials for processing of new technological processes providing high quality;
  • provision and evaluation of high efficiency of use of auxiliary materials and raw materials, installations;
  • implementation of technological processes in accordance with the requirements of technological regulations in the production of inorganic substances and materials;
  • development of technical specifications for the design of new technological schemes for the production of inorganic substances and materials, selection of production lines and technological installations;
  • repair of technical specifications for the design of new technological processes, technological lines or technological installations;
  • processing of technological processes, technological lines or technical means for technological installations and modern technologies;
  • processing of various types of technological (laboratory, experimental, production) technological regulations;
  • work and support of the sender, repair and restoration work, design work;
  • development of project documentation for the production of inorganic substances and materials;
  • analyze and analyze alternative path options of alternative routes;
  • organization of work of specialists and performers in working conditions;
  • maintaining work and work discipline at the required level;
  • technical and economic analysis of production;
  • inspection and diagnostics of technological processes, equipment and dynamics of devices using analytical tools and methods;
  • conducting and conducting research in the field of synthesis of new inorganic materials and processing of new processes and products;
  • development and organization of use of service and operational equipment in chemical and technological production.

Types of professional activity:

  • industrial-technological;
  • computer engineering, design Builder;
  • organizational and administrative;
  • service-operation;
  • research.

Basics of practice

LLP “Hydroecoresurse-L”, “Department of ecology in the Aktobe region Committee for environmental regulation and control of the Ministry of energy of Kazakhstan»