6B07206 – Technology of food products

Code-name of the specialty:

6B07206 – Technology of food products

Accreditation (last year, last year):

Form of training:

Daytime: 4 years

Reward Degree:

Bachelor of engineering and technology in the educational program ” 6B07206-food Technology»

Professional activity:

  • technologist,
  • master of processing enterprises of different forms of ownership,
  • technician-technologist of production laboratory,
  • specialist in research institutes and universities (laboratory assistant);
  • specialist in the centers of standardization and certification.

Objects of professional activity:

  • basic and delicate products of organic synthesis;
  • devices and equipment of chemical technology of production and processing of organic substances and materials;
  • various kinds of raw materials, auxiliary materials and materials (including oil, gas, coal, vegetable raw materials), polymers, monomers, elastomers, chemicals and reagents;
  • enterprises engaged in the production of research instruments and equipment.
  • Subject of professional activity:
  • organization and support of technological process at the enterprises of food and public catering;
  • Improvement and increase of efficiency of technological processes on output and quality of finished products;
  • calculation of technical and economic indicators of the food industry and public catering;
  • technochemical control of raw materials in the food industry, public catering and components of finished products and products;
  • Ensuring the production of high-quality, competitive products that meet the requirements of standards.
  • decision-making on the organization and management of labor collectives;
  • analysis of technical equipment and production activities of enterprises taking into account the requirements of ecology, industrial sanitation, labor protection and safety, as well as fire safety requirements;
  • analysis of technical and economic indicators and marketing activities.

Educational activity:

  • food industry,
  • design, research organizations,
  • enterprises of different types and forms of food business.

Types of professional activity:

  • Food enterprises (leading enterprises)
  • meat and dairy industry and public catering; food business,
  • meat and fish semi-finished products; sausages and smoked products;
  • children’s and diet food).
  • design Institute;
  • scientific institution;
  • educational institution.

Basics of practice:

LLP “Aktobe Product”, LLP “Rakhat”, LLP “Ice Plus»