Success of the faculty

Success of the faculty

  • high scientific potential of the teaching staff engaged in educational activities;
  • stable prize places of students of the faculty at the republican subject Olympiads;
  • Leadership of the specialty 5B011300-Biology in 2014 in the ranking of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan based on the results of an independent accreditation agent;
  • the traditional organization of regional subject Olympiads among pupils of schools in order to attract students to the faculty:
  • organization and conduct of open classes at a high educational and methodological level;

Almaty, II place X Republic Republican Subject Olympiad of Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi in 2018, 5B060700-Biology student specialization.

Academician EA I took part in the Republican Olympiad in Karagandy State University. A. Bokenov in 2018 (Sansyzbaev YK, Jali PU).

In the project “Start-up” under the project “Student Ecosystems” won 3d place (Kalieva AK, Kairova AT).

Has passed the basic course “Biotechnology basics: biotechnology of plants in the lower and upper levels” at the scientific educational center “Biotechnologist” of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi.

Izimova R.I., Seminihina S.F., University of Euro-Regional Economics named after Alci de -Gasperi, Schengen, Republic of Poland.

In the online contest “SMART CURATOR-2020”, which was held for 1 month under the organization of the Department of social Affairs and youth policy and with the support of the trade Union organization, the teacher of the Department of biology Kairova akerke Tleuniyazova took the second place and adequately represented our faculty!!! Akerke Tleuniyazovna we congratulate you on behalf of the faculty team with the victory and wish you creative success, showing only on the podium of victory!!!