Success of the faculty

Success of the faculty

  • high scientific potential of the teaching staff engaged in educational activities;
  • stable prize places of students of the faculty at the republican subject Olympiads;
  • Leadership of the specialty 5B011300-Biology in 2014 in the ranking of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan based on the results of an independent accreditation agent;
  • the traditional organization of regional subject Olympiads among pupils of schools in order to attract students to the faculty:
  • organization and conduct of open classes at a high educational and methodological level;

Almaty, II place X Republic Republican Subject Olympiad of Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi in 2018, 5B060700-Biology student specialization.

Academician EA I took part in the Republican Olympiad in Karagandy State University. A. Bokenov in 2018 (Sansyzbaev YK, Jali PU).

In the project “Start-up” under the project “Student Ecosystems” won 3d place (Kalieva AK, Kairova AT).

Has passed the basic course “Biotechnology basics: biotechnology of plants in the lower and upper levels” at the scientific educational center “Biotechnologist” of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi.

Izimova R.I., Seminihina S.F., University of Euro-Regional Economics named after Alci de -Gasperi, Schengen, Republic of Poland.