6В07105 – Chemical Engineering

Code – name of the specialty:

6В07105 – “Chemical Engineering”

Accreditation (last year, last year):

Form of study:

Daytime: 4 years

Reward Degree:

Bachelor of engineering and technology in the educational program 6B07105 – “Chemical engineering”

Professional activity:

  • apparatchik;
  • chemical production technician;
  • technician-technologist;
  • chemical engineer-technologist.

Objects of professional activity:

  • refining;
  • petrochemistry;
  • polymer processing;
  • geology;
  • hydrogeology;
  • mining;
  • science and education;
  • management of chemical processing of mineral raw materials into target products;
  • implementation of technological process expertise;
  • analysis of the composition, structure and properties of raw materials and target products;
  • work with chemical reactors and apparatuses.

Subject of professional activity:

  • organizes and controls technological instructions in accordance with the operating instructions;
  • The main technological process for the production of basic chemicals;
  • organizes the adjustment of the technological production of basic organic substances according to the results of basic control;
  • The solution of technological, methodological problems requiring the use of various methods (including innovative) in the production of new methods, basic organic substances and finished products;
  • creates and maintains quality conditions for the production of basic organic products and finished products;
  • carries out management activities and regulates the production of basic organic substances in the framework of technological processes and enterprise strategy

Educational activity:

  • production and technological;
  • organizational and management;
  • research;
  • design;

Types of professional activity:

  • technological equipment operator;
  • laboratory assistant for the petrochemical industry;
  • technologist;
  • chemical engineer-technologist.

The basics of practice:

LLP “Aktobe refinery”, JSC “AZHS”, JSC “CNPC-Aktobe”, LLP “TD Foton”