Life and work of Kudaibergen Zhubanov

The Department of Ecology organized an event dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Zhubanov “Life and work of Kudaibergen Zhubanov”. The main guest of this evening is the daughter of the famous composer Akhmet Zhubanova, doctor of biological sciences, professor, academician of natural sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhubanova Azhar Akhmetovna. The purpose of the organized event is to familiarize students with the life and work of the famous Turkologist, teacher Kudaibergen Kuanovich Zhubanov. The meeting began with an introductory speech by Guli Amirzhanovna Isengalieva, Head of the Department of Ecology. At the meeting, lecturers of the Department of Ecology, Ph.D. Islamova Klara Islamovna, 3rd year student Amangaliev Erkebulan. The meeting was interesting and informative.