Prevention of infectious diseases

Within the framework of the decade “self-Knowledge: pedagogy of love and creativity” in the KSU named after A. Zhubanov, the Department of natural science, the Department of chemistry and chemical technologies, the group of MFO-110, MFO-111, students in the specialty 6B01504-Chemistry, online held an educational hour on the topic “My profession-my pride”.

The purpose of the lesson: to expand the horizons of students about the world of the profession and its features, to clarify the correspondence of the chosen specialty to their aptitudes and abilities.

During the event, students shared interesting information about how they chose their profession. Opinions were also expressed about the choice of profession among students. In conclusion, the students were proud to say that they love their profession, and will continue to achieve excellent results in this specialty.

Curator of the group: G. I. Zhalelova.