Can we talk about corruption?

On 22.04.2020, a curatorial hour was held on the theme “ZHEMKORLYKSYZ EL-GULDENGEN EL” using the Zoom platform. Organizers of the curatorial hour Kukenov Zh. Zh., Bisalyeva R. N. and students of the Biology group-403,401.

The purpose of the curatorial hour is to educate students with a positive attitude to the moral standards that form the basis of their personality, increase their legal awareness and legal culture, and an active approach to anti-corruption programs.

The curatorial hour included presentations on “Bribery and bribes” (Nagimova Shynar), “Fighting corruption” (Baydaly Nurbolat) and a video clip “We are against corruption!”. Students showed high activity and demonstrated good knowledge in the field of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “on fighting corruption”.